Our Process

Our Consultative 4-Step Process

1. Meeting

  • Our process begins with an initial meeting in which we uncover your financial goals and discuss how you want your money to do for you. 

2. Information Gathering

  • We then gather information on your existing assets to better assess your risk tolerance and the level of risk in your current portfolio. 

3. Analysis

  • From there we analyze each holding and review them with you. 

4. Portfolio Mapping

  • We then create a map of your current portfolio and overlay it with your goals. This helps to ensure you are on the right path to reach their goals. If we uncover there is a better path, we provide a proposed portfolio and layout of our relationship moving forward, however it is not an all or nothing approach. We might say you are doing great here but there is a portion of your portfolio we see better opportunities for. Or you may decide to have us manage your entire portfolio.
  • Again, this process is consultative, not only with you but also with your other advisors. Many of our clients work with multiple advisors to take advantage of their diverse approaches. We are simply here to assist.

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